About the Author

Krzysztof Puszczewicz

(born in 1957)

Krzystof lives in Wrocław, Poland, he is a lover of chess, the king’s game, and an expert in the history of chess contests. He is also an active chess player with FIDE rating. He is a physicist by trade and he runs an educative company.  In 2005 he received the Bronze Cross of Merit for the exceptional, teaching achievements. This distinction is awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland. He is an author of textbooks and articles relating to the subject. In addition he is an acknowledged expert in the range of curriculums and he is a highly regarded reviewer of the secondary school final exam publishing houses.

Since the 1990’s he has been working on the Olympic work which became his passion and crowned many decades of gathering information and materials. The Great Book of Chess Olympiads is the complexity of the plot, facts, tidbits, photographs and the analysis of the chess tournaments in detail. There you will find details which aren’t in any other Olympic sources.


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