II Olympiad in iTunes

"II Chess Olympiad - The Hague 1928" is finally available in Apple iTunes. They have shortened the full title to "II Chess Olympiad", but we hope it wouldn't make any problems with finding ebooks.


PDF to a bin?

The PDF format is being ignored by e-bookshops.
After the fact, that the next big distributing platform withdrew the PDF version of our book from the sale  and it left only the ePUB and MOBI versions, we decided to think about the future of the PDF format. 

Looking for a company which will sell the books in the PDF format seems to be a short–lived way to lengthen the life of the Adobe format in a world of eBooks.

So, we give up the PDF format
Our first two books were prepared to the PDF format, but it makes no sense to lose the power and energy if this format is not supported by distributors. Therefore, the next – The III Chess Olympiad –Hamburg 1930 – will be published only in the ePUB and MOBI formats. 


The cover Hamburg 1930

After many weeks of searching materials for the cover … we managed to get to a very rare archive of the photos of the prewar Hamburg. Fortunately, for all readers, a photo of the surroundings of Moorweidenstrasse 36, has survived. In it is the building, Provinzialloge von Niedersachsen zu Hamburg, in other words the site of the matches of The III Chess Olympiad. The park stretching out in front of the entrance still exists.

It is the cover of III Chess Olympiad – Hamburg 1930:


We are attacking Hamburg!

We hereby would like to inaugurate the beginning of work on The III Olympiad, which took place in Hamburg in 1930. We have the manuscript from the author and we are starting to work on it.
I can disclose that we managed to find an original photo of the spot where games took place. Of course this photo will be on the cover!

The English version is already available!

The English version of The II Chess Olympiad has just appeared at the bookshops Amazon.com and Lulu.

You can buy this eBook on:

Soon, the book will be available at the Apple iBookstore and NOOK.


The Hague 1928 - update

The latest update of the book "II Chess Olympiad – The Hague 1928" is available for downloading. We made some alternations and improvements so it is worth downloading the version with the sign "2.2" from the bookshop.